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 Hi, my name is Vaughan Herriott and welcome to my website, Television Puppets. Ever since I was a little boy watching Gerry Anderson & Sylvia Anderson's amazing tv shows. I have been a huge admirer of their work work and now today I am a passionate builder of replica puppets from their productions. I love reproducing the well-known characters but also the minor characters that appeared in the many story-lines that so enriched the episodes. Sylvia Anderson's creative genius of visualizing the characters and sets made the shows the fantastic success they were.

My hobby takes up much of my spare time that I am literally running out of space for my collection!

Of course, there is more to life than puppets, that's right; there's also the props to make as well!



 In 2014, I was asked to display my puppets at the very first Andercon Convention organized by the son of the late Gerry Anderson, Jamie. It was a knockout success


    David Graham,myself and my Prisoner Parker puppet, taken the London Andercon convention in April 2014. David is the original voice of Parker.



 In June 2015, I was kindly re-invited again to exhibit my puppets for the 2nd Andercon; I was delighted to attend and it was a great honour. Please view my Andercon 2015 section. It was a fantastic weekend held at the Athena theatre, in Leicester. It was visited by a large number of enthusiastic fans and many famous faces from the Anderson years were invited and appeared .There were exciting announcements of projects to come.