Light Fingered Fred - Thunderbirds episode 'Vault of Death'



              Completed Marina puppet from Stingray



                         Completed Jeff Tracy from Thunderbirds



                  Kyrano - Thunderbirds




                    Completed Professor Matic Fireball XL5  puppet




                   Completed Steve Zodiac Fireball XL5  puppet



                   Completed Mike Mercury  puppet from Supercar



 Completed Troy Tempest puppet

                       Completed 'Phones' Stingray  puppet

  Completed Scott Tracy puppet


                           Completed Lady Penelope puppet - courtesy of Vaughan Herriott




                           Completed Lady Penelope puppet


    Completed Parker puppet




                      The Hood - completed puppet

Grandma Tracy competed puppet - Thunderbirds



                    Completed Captain Scarlet puppet 


 Completed Harmony Angel puppet 



 Completed Angel puppet